The Hopping Home

IMG_1988The primary storyteller on this page will be me, Meredith.

I’m tall, loud, fancy myself a secret hi1468712_10101712718555310_337815977_nIMG_2296p hop dancing genius, a mother,  a wife, & a Christ follower who resides in “The Hopping Home”.

You may hear some from others taking up residence in  “The Hopping Home” (husband Nate, daughters Eleonore and Frankie, and a Shiba Inu named Luci Shaw) from time to time, but for the most part it will be my narrative!

In all senses, I amIMG_2060 a “mess maker, music maker & a dreamer of dreams”.

Life is hard, beautiful & hilarious when you are those things.

So in the least, get a laugh out of this site whenever you stop by.

The world needs more laughter, more messes, more music & more dreams.

This also includes imported blogs from her backinbloomington blog, and what was previously if you go back far enough.

Wanna ask me a specific question, or tell me a great joke? Or send me wonderful wines and cheeses and chocolate? Only if you insist. . . then fill this out!


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