To the person who stole my husband’s scooter. . .

This was written August 22 , 2013. I failed to post it for whatever reason.

The following were my feelings and thoughts on that day.

Dear person who stole my husbands scooter:

This afternoon at approximately 2:30 PM I was sitting on our couch in our living room breastfeeding my 3.5 month old daughter. I had put the blind down in our living room, which faces the street because the garden crew was out and about and they are loud, and get close to the window.

I wanted privacy in my own home . . .novel, that idea of privacy.

My husband came home to switch vehicles from his scooter to our car so that he could take one of his guitars to the repair shop.

In the time he came in to do that and use the restroom, you stole his scooter.

From in front of our window.

You and I’s relationship, scooter stealer, or S.S. as I will proceed to call you, has evolved quite a bit this afternoon into evening. I started out mad at you. Like wicked pissed. I was upset that I couldn’t run outside and find you. I fancy myself a bit of a novice vigilante, and I was sure I would have found you, said SHAME ON YOU! and come back home victoriously.

I couldn’t, because my two dear babes were inside taking naps. I ferociously fought the urge to scoop my 2.5 year old up out of bed and go on a “walk to the park” which would translate into a suspicious once over to anyone and everyone I came across, long glances into the back of vans and trucks, and choosing directions that took us down alley pathways where we might, just might, get a glisten of that special 1993 Honda Elite red paint job peeking out from a garage door.

I was willing to wake up a sleeping toddler to avenge you.

But, as I said, I fought the urge.

I started to come to the understanding that this was a first world problem. That not having two vehicles is a ridiculous thing to be upset about.  But, I still needed to rationalize my feelings towards you. I thought that maybe if you had known S.S., that my husband uses that scooter for work, so that I don’t have to pile both girls into their car seats only to drop Daddy off, and then pull them back out when we get home, or not have a car whenever Daddy goes to work. you wouldn’t have taken the scooter.

If you had known that we just made the decision yesterday to not send our 2.5 year old to a preschool program we were really excited about, because it wasn’t going to be financially feasible without going into further credit card debt, you wouldn’t have taken the scooter.

Let’s pull out the big guns..

If you knew my Mom has cancer, you wouldn’t have stolen the scooter.

But that’s B.S. isn’t is S.S.?

(see what I did there?)

You can't steal this memory, S.S.!

My beautiful Eleonore “driving” the scooter.

 My toddler did finally wake up. Today she chose to take a four hour nap (which is kind of like a unicorn to the mother of a toddler). Today, when I couldn’t get anything done because I was so distraught about the scooter.


We immediately went on our “walk to the park” We only passed one van I that I almost opened the door to.

Still, everyone was a suspect. No one was to be trusted.  Everyone was possibly you, the evil S.S.

You, the mastermind conspirator who wanted to steal a 1993 scooter so that my life would be more difficult.

But really, it isn’t about me S. S.

And it isn’t about you.

It’s about us.

I’m sorry S. S. I’m sorry that WE live in a world where you are forced to steal to somehow provide for a need you have. I’m sorry that the only interaction WE will most likely ever have is that you stole the scooter. I’m sorry that for a few moments (ok hours) you stole my sense of security, and my trust in humanity.

You and I are really quite alike, in that you stole our scooter, because somewhere along the line, in some way, you lost your trust in humanity.

It’s possible that somewhere along the line, you didn’t have a community where you could comfortably ask for what you needed, you couldn’t depend on anyone else and you were forced to depend only on yourself.  Forced to decide your needs were more important than someone else’s. Forced to forget about others humanity so that you could take from them without thinking about how you might be affecting them.

And for my part, in not communicating to humanity that we are not alone, that we can and must depend on one another, and doing more to let others depend on me, I apologize.

The way we choose to treat one another makes great ripples in all of humanity.

Those people who most likely hurt you at one time, have now affected my family. But only in a financial and convenience sort of way, which is really quite inconsequential.

Because your actions can’t steal my spirit S.S., or my joy.

And I pray for you now, that someday soon, you can experience the fullness of yours, and regain your trust in humanity.

Unless you are really some little punk-ass frat boys who thought it would be funny to steal a scooter, then you can go to. . .

No, even you, I pray you find your peace and joy.

Kindness is gladdening the hearts of those who are traveling the dark journey with us.

Henri-Frederic Amie

peace to you,



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