Welcome to our family blog. Here you can follow our journey of Church Planting (check that out here) and living (day to day) as a young family learning how to best serve Christ in all that we do.

We first moved to Bloomington in July of 2011, to plant a church sent out from Church of the Redeemer in Highland Park (you can learn more about them here).

It has been a crazy ride so far, moving back to where I (Meredith) grew up, having a seven month old turn into a full fledged toddler, and seeing a community begin to form an intimate and sacred bond. We are praying intently that our community will change Bloomington-Normal with the light, love, and hope of Christ we have experienced, are experiencing, and will continue to experience. It is this hope that we can’t help but share!

We hope you will join us on the continuation of this journey! It’s bound to be a crazy one, filled with surprises, defeat, joy, disappointment and triumph. But mostly, unspeakable joy.

Together with you, we are striving to experience all of this with extreme gratitude and awareness of the gift serving the Lord truly is.

This is most definitely Hello, and not Goodbye!

peace to you,
nate, mere, eleonore & luci (the dog)

Ever wonder what it can feel like to do a photo shoot with a full fledged toddler? Here yah go! 🙂

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