an apology and a promise.

Dear Blog Readers,
I must apologize to you, for my unexpected absence over the past week, and for letting you down.
I would like to say that I won’t let it happen again.
But in all actuality, I kind of hope it will.
In relationships we always let one another down at some time or other.
And I hope your reading and my writing becomes a relationship.
What I can promise is that I will try with all my might to not have any pre-meditated any absences or let downs.
I wish I had something important as an excuse for why I was gone for this past week of blogging, but I don’t. Everyday life was trudging along at what felt like breakneck speed. And by the time I would get to thinking I needed to blog, I just couldn’t bring myself to muster the energy to do a post worthy of you all.
The week was filled with great joys, including Eleonore’s first Thanksgiving, and my Grandmother Molloy’s 81st Birthday (more on both of these later in the week).
I don’t have much energy right now either if I am honest with all of you. My bundle of bubbly energy is going to turn one soon, and all her developmental advances are causing sleep patterns to be WACKY!
 I will leave you with a few photos that were taken while celebrating Thanksgiving with part of Nate’s family!
 It is so good to be back in the blogging saddle, and I look forward to sharing more exciting and (hopefully) insightful posts with you on a regular basis.
peace to you,




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