Wedding Week Day 2-The Proposal

It was Valentine’s Day 2004. I was soooo excited because I had never been “dating” anyone on Valentine’s day and this would be my chance to grasp the Hallmark holiday in full glory!
Nate had other plans, or so he led me to believe.
At the time we were both undergrads majoring in Theatre. Nate was at WIU and I was at ISU. We saw each other EVERY single weekend during our dating/engagement, which can now admittedly be chalked up to some OCD on my part. 
He was in a production of Phaedre as Theseus. 
Right off I was ticked. 
I have waited 20 years to have a date on Valentine’s Day and I HAVE TO GO SEE A TRAGEDY ON VALENTINE’S DAY!?!?
This seems really fair. . .
and it just kept getting worse. 
My family was going to see the show that night, Nate’s Mom was coming that night, Nate’s brother and childhood friends were coming that night.
Fabulous. Perfect setup for a romantic night. Exactly what I was picturing. 
To try to make up for this Nate asked me to come early to his dorm room, so we could exchange gifts. 
I had been meticulous about his gift. It had numerous parts, with numerous nuances and meanings.
When I got to his dorm room, he handed me a card made of notebook paper and suggested we watch Edward Scissorhands. 
No words. I was fuming on the inside. 
I got to the play. I was greeted by my family, Nate’s family & friends, and other students I knew. The play was pretty packed and I looked around for a seat. Quickly the director Stephen came and ushered me to a seat they had saved for me, which was weird. 
I watched the play. My man was amazing, because he is an amazing actor! 
During the curtain call Nate began to take off part of his costume. I turned to my future sister in law and said:
“Why is he taking off his costume? This is sooo unprofessional, it’s embarrassing.”
Someone brought out a stool and a guitar. 
Nate sat down and said:
“I didn’t want everyone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a tragedy, so I wrote a song for the love of my life Meredith Joy Owens”.
A collective awwww went through the crowd. I too awed. 
But then came the last line of the song. . .
“You have changed my life, may I have the honor of making you my wife?”
The audience was hushed, other than the one guy who apparently wasn’t in on the plan. 
He yelled out:
That snapped me back to reality, Nate came down the aisle, got on one knee, and officially proposed. 
I of course said yes, and we all went out to pizza. 
Despite the less than intimate circumstances, it was the most romantic Valentine’s Day anyone could imagine!
peace to you,
I don’t have any pictures of the engagment on this computer, 
but this was right around the same time!
True. Young. Love.

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