What on earth am I (we) doing here?-Part 1

I thought it might be a good idea to share with everyone what we are doing “Back in Bloomington”.

In simple terms, we are “planting a church”.

There are different ways I like to describe it.

I prefer “starting a Missional Community”.

But I do like the imagery of planting. Of nurturing something, of sustaining something, of having responsibility for it. But normally you don’t see the planter burrow down into the soil with the seed, and get their fingernails dirty, almost drown when there is too much water, and feel the seed break from its casing to take root, becoming entangled in them, becoming one.

So perhaps we should go with “Planting a Missional Community”.

We knew from the beginning of our relationship that there would come a time in our lives when God would call us to be a part of a new church start/plant/missional community. We were just waiting for the when and where.

It finally became clear to us this Spring that we were to plant a church with the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA). Nate had done an internship at an AMiA church his last semester of sminary, and that is where our connection was first fostered.

Through a series of events God made it clear that we were to plant a church in Bloomington, Illinois.

This was not what I or Nate had expected.

In fact it was on my list of “I will never’s”.

When you realize that your three main “I will never’s” were:

1.) Never marry a pastor (Being a pastor’s daughter and grandaughter, I wasn’t interested in “the family business”.

2.) Never marry anyone shorter than me ( I am 6 feet tall)

We know how those two turned out, as I have been married to a 5’8 (he says 5’9) pastor for 6 years on the 19th of this month!

3.) Never move back to Bloomington-Normal

I wasn’t doing to well with my “I will never’s”, but I was still being stubborn enough to claim that last one.

Have I learned to “never say never”?
In some capacity. . .not completely though :o).

So we packed up, and moved from a three bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment,

and we were officially “Back in Bloomington”.

And what happened next?

Find out tomorrow!

peace to you,


Our amazing photographer Eliza Morris of Eliza & Liz Photography took some new pictures of Eleonore and some family pics for some church planting stuff and we got a few back today!
Here is a peak at one of the pics!

3 thoughts on “What on earth am I (we) doing here?-Part 1

  1. Oh…my…gosh. I LOVE that picture! You guys are so beautiful. Eleonore is a doll. I love her. Why are we not closer to you? P.S. I love that Nate says he's an inch taller than he is; Thom does the exact same thing. 🙂

  2. Emily, she is a doll, and I know a solution to that problem. . . :)Aren't the colors fun Lindsay? Red lipstick makes you feel very put together when you really have dirty hair and probably day old underwear on.

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